What Is a Tourbillon? Everything You Need to Know

The tourbillon is a rare and complicated watch movement that exemplifies peak watchmaking. This special mechanical movement uses a unique mechanism that constantly rotates the balance wheel, balance spring, and escapement to counteract gravity. A tourbillon is often visible through a watch’s skeleton dial, or open heart, so you can clearly see the interesting mechanics … Read more

How to Use A Chronograph Watch

How to Use a Chronograph Watch

From its humble beginnings of being used in an astronomy lab to its pivotal role in combat, the chronograph has become a staple among watch collectors. You’re told it’s used like a stopwatch, to measure the elapsed time of just about anything… But how do you actually use one? To start a chronograph, press the … Read more

Are Self-Winding Watches Better Than Manual Watches?

Self-Winding vs Manual Winding Watches - Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic (left) and Mechanical (right)

Manual and self-winding watches are two different types of mechanical watches, those powered purely by the mechanics inside a watch rather than a battery.  Manual winding watches require the owner to rotate the crown to power the watch. Self-winding watches, also known as automatic watches, have a weighted rotor that automatically rotates, and powers the … Read more

What Is An Analog Watch And How Do They Compare to Digital?

What is an Analog Watch - Timex Weekender Chronograph, Seiko SARB033

An analog watch is any watch with a traditional handset and dial. Smartwatches and other digital watches with digital displays to show the time are the opposite. Analog watches are the oldest type of watch and are still used to this day.  Although some consider them obsolete, many watch enthusiasts, including myself, prefer the physical … Read more