G-Shock Introduces New GA900 With Interchangeable Straps

Casio’s G-Shock lineup are known to be some of the most durable and toughest watches ever made.

Built to withstand drops of up to 10m (32.8ft), 200m water resistance, and a shock resistant movement come together in a new package this time.

This time around, the G-Shock is packaged in an extra industrial-looking manner, housed underneath a 10-sided bezel, largely resembling the shape of a nut. 

Industrial Design

The GA900 is designed with a tough and rugged aesthetic – coupled with functionality in mind.

Throughout the front of the case, and even on the buttons on the side, we see a knurled texture that helps you get just a bit of an extra grip on your watch, even if your hands are wet. 

4  bolts from the entirety of the watch, really cementing that industrial look they are going for.

On the bottom, and on the sides of the case, layered accents of color pop out from underneath the watch’s resin housing.

These layered elements come together nicely to provide a great sense of depth and complexity.

This watch has a very layered and textured look, and I must admit is very visually appealing.

One slight flaw, however, is the handset doesn’t seem as contrasting as they can be on some models thus creating potential for slight illegibility issues. Luckily there is a digital display that reads the time, among it’s dozens of other functions.

GA900 Features & Specs

The GA900 will have all of the specs and features we’ve come to know and love throughout the entirety of the G-Shock lineup of watches. 

The nearly bulletproof resin case houses a shock resistant module 5637 movement. 

A super LED light backlighting the dial display, and a shockproof movement means this watch is built for toughness and the outdoors.

You can wear this watch doing just about anything, without having to think twice about if it’s going to get damaged.

With a battery life of approximately 7 years, the GShock has always been a watch you can throw in your drawer, car’s glove compartment, toolbox, etc. for months, until you need it. And when you do need it, it will always be there, ticking away. 

Interchangable G-Shock Bands

One of the notable features G-Shock is advertising on the GA900 is an interchangeable band structure. 

While some models such as the GA900C-1A4 come with an orange cloth band, the GA900A-1A9 comes with an orange resin band.

The GA900E-1A3 is the most expensive of the bunch, and comes with both a bright reflective yellow cloth band, in addition to a black resin band.

Have your cake and eat it too.

It’s likely the bands will be easily swapped and interchanged between each of these three models.

It’s also possible G-Shock is set to release new watch bands in the future, which will likely also be interchangable.

It’s not yet determined if traditional watch bands are compatible with these watches just yet, or if these will be proprietary bands that only fit on these G-Shocks.

Release Date & Price

The GA900E-1A3 and GA900C-1A4 models will be available at the end of August, coming in between $120-$160, depending on model chosen. 

Other variations of the GA900 will ship on resin straps in a choice of either black, navy, or red, and will be priced at $120, available this September.

Learn more about the G-Shock GA900 collection from Casio here

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  1. Mark/Tom,
    Did you have any luck finding replacement bands for the GA-900? I too want to change from yellow to black. I found them for $101.00, That may or may not have been USD. Not sure…



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