The Ultimate Guide to Flyback Chronographs

You know what a regular chronograph is—but what is a flyback chronograph, and what makes it unique? A flyback is a chronograph function that allows you to “fly back” to zero and restart the timer with the push of a button, even while the chronograph is running. This post will explain in detail how this … Read more

How to Use A Chronograph Watch

How to Use a Chronograph Watch

From its humble beginnings of being used in an astronomy lab to its pivotal role in combat, the chronograph has become a staple among watch collectors. You’re told it’s used like a stopwatch, to measure the elapsed time of just about anything… But how do you actually use one? To start a chronograph, press the … Read more

What is a Meca-Quartz Watch, And Should You Get One?

What is a Meca-Quartz Watch?

There are two popular types of watch movements used to power watches, quartz and mechanical. But there’s another that combines the best of both movements. A Meca-Quartz watch movement combines the accuracy and reliability of a battery-powered quartz movement with the snappy, mechanical feel, and smooth sweeping second hand of a chronograph. In this article, … Read more