The Best Watches With Roman Numerals (For Every Budget)

Roman numerals can make a watch feel a lot more stylish, elegant, and even feel more expensive. 

They can be a good option for either men or women, and can really add a touch of visual intrigue to an otherwise simple watch. 

While watches are extremely subjective, choosing the best roman numeral watch will really depend on your preferences and budget. 

I’ve gone ahead and chosen a couple of roman numeral watches at a variety of price points, so you can choose one that fits your budget and style.

My Top Picks

My top picks for the best watches with roman numerals are the Orient Bambino V2, Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80, and Cartier Tank, depending on your budget. 

They’re all fully mechanical watches, so neither need a battery to run. In fact, they’re essentially tiny machines that can be worn on your wrist.

I don’t think there’s a better value for your money, for each watch’s respective price points. 

The Orient Bambino is a great affordable dress watch that comes in at under $200.

For a bit more money, the Tissot Powermatic 80 is a fantastic Swiss wristwatch – highly regarded as the epitome of watchmaking by watch collectors.

The Cartier Tank is the epitome of fine watchmaking and heritage. Of course, that comes at an extra cost, but hey, this could possibly be the one dress watch you own for the rest of your life.

But if you’re looking for something more affordable, or even more expensive (with your deep pockets, showoff) I’ve got you covered.

Here are my picks for some of the best roman numeral watches you can buy. 

Under $200

Orient Bambino V2

Under $200, I don’t think there’s a better looking, or better value watch than the Orient Bambino.

While there are multiple variations of this legendary watch, we’re specifically going to be talking about the Bambino V2 version with roman numerals.

The Bambino V2 is an extremely simple and elegant design that honestly has no business being as affordable as it is. 

It’s an automatic mechanical watch, so it doesn’t need a battery to run. You’re able to see the movement through the transparent case back. 

It’s one of my favorite dress watch designs at any price point, let alone for under $200. 

For the price, there will be some cost-cutting measures if you were to compare the Orient Bambino with more expensive luxury dress watches. 

For example, the crystal is only acrylic, and may scratch a bit easier than a sapphire crystal on its luxury watch counterpart. Also, the finishing isn’t quite as precise as it would be on a luxury watch.

It also only lacks additional features such as hacking and hand winding. These features are more commonly seen on more expensive mechanical watches. But most people couldn’t care less.

These are only minor details that most people, including myself, will rarely notice on day-to-day. 

In short, the Orient Bambino V2 is one of the best affordable dress watches of our time. It has simple and elegant looking roman numeral hour markers that give the watch a classic and timeless appearance. This watch will look just as good today as it will 60 years from now.

Timex Southview

The Timex Southview is an extremely affordable and reliable watch from one of the most long-standing and reputable American watch brands, Timex.

It’s extremely minimal and simple, perfect if you like a watch that flies under the radar without drawing too much attention.

The hour markings alternate between roman numerals and a simple line that creates a nice contrast between simplicity and complexity.

It also comes in a variety of dial and color combinations including black, cream, rose gold, blue, and more.  

Timex watches are reliable, good-looking, and affordable. If you just want a simple watch that just gets the job done, the Timex Southview is a great choice.

Seiko 5 SNKL29

The Seiko 5 SNKL29K1 is an extremely affordable mechanical watch that looks and feels way more expensive than it is.

Featuring a silver dial with roman numerals, and a pinstripe design in the center. This is a watch that is as elegant as it is eye catching.

The well-finished case houses a Seiko 7S26 automatic mechanical movement that doesn’t need a battery to run. 

On the back of the case, you’ll find a see-through case back that allows you to see the watch movement from within. 

The SNKL29 would make a great first mechanical watch for someone just getting into the hobby of watch collecting and will look great on just about any wrist.

Seiko SSA231

If you like watches with just a bit more uniqueness and flair, the Seiko SSA231 may be for you.

Featuring a silver dial with gold roman numeral hour markers, and an “open heart” skeleton design, this watch is definitely a head-turner.

Unlike traditional watches, the SSA231 has a circular date wheel on the dial that tracks the date of the month. It’s unusual to see such a combination of complicated features on such an affordable dress watch.

It comes paired with a brown faux crocodile leather watchband that honestly pairs perfectly with the style of this slightly elegant watch.

The Seiko SSA231 would make a fantastic gift, or addition to any collection. 

Casio MTP-V006L-1BUDF

We all know Casio makes some incredible affordable timepieces, such as their retro digital, and G-Shock line of watches.

But I bet most aren’t familiar with the rest of their lineup, such as this surprisingly tasteful MTP-V006L-1BUDF with roman numerals.

For under $50, you have yourself an extremely versatile, and dare I say expensive-looking wristwatch. 

Coming in at 38mm, it’s not too big, nor too small, and is a perfectly sized watch for just about any wrist size. 

The design is simple and elegant and very tasteful, considering it’s just an affordable Casio. 

It even has a day and date wheel, which tells you the… Day and date. One less reason to have to check your phone!

The Casio MTP-V006L-1BUDF is a good looking and inexpensive dress watch that gets the job done. It’s so affordable that you don’t need to think twice about wearing it, scratching it, getting it beat up, or damaged. Just wear and enjoy it. 

Under $500

Tissot Powermatic 80 Le Locle

At under $500, the Tissot Powermatic 80 is a gorgeous swiss mechanical timepiece that looks much more expensive than its price tag would suggest.

Looks aside, Tissot is often considered one of the best entry-level swiss brands you can buy.

Not only is it a gorgeous looking watch with its roman numeral hour markings, a textured dial, thin and elegant hands, and a case that is polished and brushed extremely well…

But you’re also buying a Swiss automatic movement with an extremely large power reserve of up to 80 hours. This means you can put the watch down for over 3 days without winding it, and it will continue to run.

A power reserve this large is rare in most mechanical watches, as most tend to have a power reserve of under 40 hours.

If you only had to pick one watch on this list, I think the Tissot 80 Le Locle offers an incredible value for money and is my top pick for the best roman numeral watch you can buy, with a great compromise between quality and price.

Orient Sun and Moon V3

Currently trending watches tend to be large and chunky. If you’re a woman, or someone with smaller wrists, you might want to look into a smaller wristwatch. 

Now, that’s not to say that a woman needs to wear a small watch, by any means. It’s 2020, and I think just about any watch could look good on a woman. It’s just a matter of your own personal preference. 

With that said, I think the Orient Sun & Moon ‘Petite’ is an insanely gorgeous timepiece that is my top pick for a roman numeral watch for women. 

This watch also comes in a larger mechanical variation, the Sun and Moon V3. The larger version is a watch I personally own and wear regularly. In fact, it’s one of my most complimented watches ever, and for good reason. It’s absolutely stunning and definitely appears much more expensive than it actually is.

The roman numerals are tastefully painted on the complex-looking dial, though some owners of this watch complain about the upside down numerals between 4 and 8 o’clock.

Complications such as a sun and moon, and dedicated day wheel are rare to find on such affordable watches, making the Orient Sun and Moon Version 3 an extremely elgant looking piece.

Citizen Eco-Drive Women’s With Swarovski Crystals

A bit of a wildcard from my usual picks, this Citizen Eco-Drive with Swarovski Crystals is evidently very blingy. I love that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it would make a great watch for any woman who wants to stand out a bit, and have a little fun with their watch.

With roman numeral markings on the glistening pearlescent dial, and Swarovski crystals surrounding the gold-plated case. This is a watch I can see someone wearing to a fancy cocktail party, or even just a night out on the town.

Featuring Citizen’s popular Eco-Drive technology, you’ll never need to replace the battery in this watch. Eco-Drive movements are charged via solar power in the sun. Even just wearing it for 2 minutes is enough to charge it for up to 11 hours. And it has a maximum power capacity of up to 6 months before you’d need to charge it again. This makes it a great “set it, and forget it” watch. One that doesn’t need too much maintenance. 

Bulova Automatic 96A206

The Bulova Automatic 96A206 is an attractive looking skeleton watch with roman numerals. great alternative to the previously mentioned Tissot Powermatic 80 Le Locle is a Bulova 96A206.

Like the previously mentioned Tissot Le Locle Powermati 80, it has a dial that’s textured in the center and simply draws your attention, as it’s so striking.

Even though the open-heart skeleton design gives you a peek into the automatic movement, and adds some visual interest to the watch. Despite it also adding a layer of complication to a watch with arguably a lot of going on; it’s still rather elegant and sleek in its design, making it a perfect wear for the office, or special occasions.

Another striking element of this watch are the painted blue hands and markings.

Under $1000

Raymond Weil Maestro

Implementing similar design cues to the popular Tissot Powermatic, the Raymond Weil Maestro adds some extra visual elements that give the watch a unique look and feel.

While they both have similarly textured center-dials, what sets the Maestro apart is the outer dial ring, with roman numeral hour markings, that is given a contrasting texture to really make the watch interesting and appealing to look at.

The painted blue hands are slightly skeletonized to see-through at the tips

This is a very legible, attractive, and affordable swiss-made watch, 
While you’ll often find Raymond Weil watches across the price spectrum, the Maestro is, in my opinion, one of their best values to date. 

It’s just a bonus that it also happens to be incredibly good looking, and has roman numeral hour markings to class it up a bit. 😉 

For Any Budget

Fredrique Constant Moonphase Collection

Frederique Constant is considered in the “lower-end” of the luxury market, but with that also comes a huge benefit: affordability.

Fredrique Constant offers luxury watches for an affordable price compared to other luxury watches of similar specs. And their Moonphase collection, with roman numerals is one of the best values they make, in my opinion.

The dial is relatively simple and clean at first glance. Roman numeral hour markings, and a rather peculiar subdial at the 6:00 position.

That subdial houses a moonphase complication, which shifts between a sun or moon, depending on the time of day. It also has a date wheel which adds to a bit of visual interest.

While the Fredrique Cosntant Moonphase looks relatively simple, straightforward, and maybe even a little plain in pictures, I can assure you one thing; pictures don’t do it justice.
The build quality, the refinement, the attention to detail, the amount of time spent polishing the case to make it glisten like a Christmas Tree… These are elements that just can’t be explained in a watch review, nor can they be displayed in a picture.

This is a classic dress watch that simply exudes quality when you examine it. Sure, it’s not a Patek Phillipe, but nobody would be the wiser, should they see this on your wrist.

Cartier Tank

The Cartier Tank is simply one of the most historically significant wristwatches of all time.
In fact, it was one of the first, after Cartier started turning pocket watches into wristwatches, kicking off the wrist watch phenomena.

In addition to the tons of heritage and history backing the Cartier tank, you have a timeless elegant design that never has, and never will go out of style.

With roman numeral hour markings that are stretched at the corners to fit the unique rectangular case shape, this is the perfect watch to pair with a suit or a tuxedo for formal events.

This may in fact be the best dress watch of all time, often found on the wrist of celebrities, as it’s just that iconic.

Rolex Datejust 41

There’s this little swiss watch brand called Rolex, not sure if you’ve ever heard of it.

Rolex is simply unmistakable in the world of watches, as is their iconic Datejust. The newer Rolex Datejust 41 has been retrofitted in a seemingly vintage-inspired design with the fluted bezel, jubilee bracelet, and roman numerals, but planted in a larger, more modern, 41mm case.

This slightly larger size (compared to its older 36mm counterpart) makes it a bit more casual, and more appropriate for everyday wear, even if you’re not dressing up.

Overall, the Rolex Datejust 41 is a modern rendition of a timeless classic. It comes at a steep price, but if it’s within your budget, you simply can’t go wrong with one (feel free to pick one up for me as well 😁).


Roman numerals always add a bit of playful elegance to any watch.

With such great affordable options such as the Orient Bambino, Tissot Powermatic, and even Seiko 5s like the Seiko 5 SNKL29, they can be a great way to spruce up any collection.

On the higher end, iconic watches like the Cartier Tank and Rolex Datejust continue to impress with timeless classic that will look just as good today as it will 10, 20, or 100 years from now, if you have the budget for it.

Hope this review was helpful in finding a roman numeral watch that works for you.

If there’s any watch I missed, or you just want to say hi, let me know in the comment below! I read every single one.

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