The 23 Best Casio Watches – Classic, Full of Features, and Nostalgic!

Casio watches are some of the most classic, reliable, and somehow, affordable on the market.

They come in a wide variety of styles, some of which are absolutely iconic – from nostalgic calculator watches, gold-toned digital watches, and of course, the seemingly indestructible G-Shock.

If you just want a great watch that doesn’t cost much, often under $50, Casio is a great brand to choose from. With so many great choices on the market, it can be hard to narrow down your next purchase.

Let’s dive into the list of the best Casio watches you can buy now!

Best Casio Watches – Top Picks


Casio F91w Best Casio Watch

The Casio F91W is perhaps one of the most notorious watches of all time, seen on the wrists of presidents and terrorists alike.

Coming in at around $20 or less, the F91W is perhaps the most affordable watch ever. Somehow, it manages to retain just as many features as its siblings, including digital alarms, stopwatches, day, and date displays, and even a backlit display.

Its resin case and strap material may seem undesirable on paper but makes for an incredibly comfortable wearing experience. Further, from my own experience wearing the F91W as a beater watch on more than one occasion, the resin is quite durable and doesn’t scratch easily.

Weighing just 0.7oz/20g, the F-91W is one of the lightest watches of all time and disappears on the wrist. Its lightweight nature also makes it perfect for the ultralight crowd when aiming to keep weight down to the bare minimum.

One of the few downsides of the F91W is its lack of water resistance, coming in at 5 meters, or just over 16 feet, making it barely adequate for getting caught in the rain, or washing your hands. If you plan on swimming with your watch, there are plenty of better options on the market, including others on this list.

The battery-powered quartz movement housed inside of the F91W is as accurate as it is reliableAccurate up to +/- 1 second per day, the F91W is more accurate than most luxury mechanical timepieces and can last up to 7 years without needing a battery change.

Ultimately, the F91W is the perfect, no-frills, utilitarian watch that is dependable and has just about every feature you could want from a watch. Its design, size, weight, and cost are completely unobtrusive, both for your wrist, and your wallet.

MDV106 Duro

Casio MDV106 Duro
My MDV106 is a reliable staple in my collection

The Casio MDV106 Duro is well-known for its 200 meters of water resistance, meaning it can be worn while being submerged in up to 200 meters, or 600 ft. of water.

As you can imagine, this mostly applies to divers who are pushing the extremes of their watch, however, in everyday use, this means the Duro is more than adequate for any water-based activity you might throw at it including swimming, showering, and diving.

For those of us who don’t push our watches to their limits, however, the MDV Duro still has its perks; being an extremely classic dive watch design, loosely similar to legendary dive watches like the Rolex Submariner, with enough unique design queues to stand on its own, and of course, a much more affordable price tag.

Casio MDV106 Duro - Best Casio Dive Watch

Its classic design makes it a great sporty everyday watch that can be worn on a variety of different straps to mix up the vibe and keep things fresh.

With a case width of 44mm, the Duro may be slightly larger than some would prefer, but perfect for those who don’t mind a slightly larger, sportier watch.

At around ~$60, the MDV106 is one of the best affordable dive watches. At the price, not many can compete with its 200 meters of water resistance, a feature you’d often have to pay much more for.

G-Shock CasiOAK’

Casio GShock Ga2110 CasiOAK - Best GShock Watch

The Casio G-Shock “CasiOAK” combines a sporty and trendy geometric style with G-Shock’s near-indestructible build quality. When released, this watch set took the watch community by storm and instantly became a crowd favorite, and for good reason.

Capturing design queues from some of the most popular luxury sports watches currently on the market, like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the ‘CasiOAK’ was nicknamed accordingly.

It also boasts an impressive set of features such as a tough and durable build expected from any G-Shock, a 200-meter water resistance rating, a combination of analog, and digital timekeeping capabilities, and features such as a stopwatch, world time, alarm, and 12/24 hour format.

Since the model has spiked in popularity, Casio continues to release new models in a variety of new colors, dimensions, and materials, from resin to stainless steel. If you like the overall aesthetic of the CasiOAK, you’re bound to find one that suits your style.

G-Shock DW5600

Casio GShock DW5600 - Best GShock Under $50

If the previously mentioned “CasiOAK” is a brand new sports car, the DW5600 is the beefier Hummer.

Featuring a slightly more geometric, square design, and an all-digital display, this may be exactly the watch that pops into mind when you think of ‘G-Shock’.

It’s packed full of typical G-Shock features, such as its 200-meter water resistance, multi-function alarm, stopwatch, and near-indestructible build quality. 

My one minor gripe with this watch is how difficult it can be to push and operate the function buttons, as they’re quite recessed into the case, and take a bit of finesse to operate.

Its digital display makes it highly legible at a glance and comes in multiple variations, such as a negative display which inverses the typical digital display color scheme.

The DW5600 is one of the quintessential G-Shocks and a core backbone of any watch collection. Best of all, despite being feature-packed, unique-looking, and classic, this is one of the most affordable G-Shocks out there, often coming in around $50.

AE-1200 World Time ‘Royale’


You want to be cool like James Bond, don’t you? The Casio AE-1200 World Time is cleverly nicknamed the ‘Casio Royale’ as it sparks a striking resemblance to a Seiko watch James Bond wore in the movie “Octopussy”.

The AE-1200 has a look that is unique to just about any other digital watch on the market, with its worldwide map display which highlights the region of the currently selected time zone.

On top of its typical digital time display, it also has a round, analog-looking, 12-hour clock that mocks a typical three-handed watch in a digital format and kind of looks like a radar out of a James Bond film. It also features 12 and 24-hour displays, alarms, a 100M water resistance rating, and a 10-year battery life. How’s that for longevity?

Since it’s so lightweight and comfortable, the AE-1200 is one of my go-to watches in the warmer months, or when I want to wear a watch, without feeling like I’m wearing a watch. It nearly disappears on the wrist.

On the silver model, my personal favorite, the case is made of painted plastic, while the bracelet is a brushed metal, which is a bit of an odd contrast if you look closely enough to notice, but honestly, only watch geeks like myself do.

Further, the watch has been picked up by the mod community, who have learned to change the color of the LCD screen, adding even more fun and versatility.

Overall, the Casio AE-1200 is one of the funkiest looking watches, in the best way possible. It somehow manages to look geeky, but incredibly suave at the same time, thanks to its James Bond associations and unique display complications.

Digital Watches

F-108WH-1ACF ‘Big Square’

Want the look and features of a G-Shock without the inflated price tag? The Casio ‘Big Square’ is for you.

With a plain and simple square design that all but replicates the previously mentioned G-Shock 5600, the Big Square has the majority of the same features, including a stopwatch and alarm. It falls short on a couple, like its 50 meters of water resistance instead of 100, making it water-resistant enough for getting caught in the rain, or washing your hands, but not as reliable for swimming, for example.

The Big Square is rather basic and flies under the radar. This is the perfect watch if you don’t want to draw too much attention. On the other hand, it comes in a wide variety of colors, some of which are more vibrant, and attention-grabbing, than others.

Overall, the Casio Big Square is a great way to try out the G-Shock look and feel while costing less than that overpriced brunch you had last weekend.

A158WA & A168WG

The A158WA & A168WG are small, vintage, metal versions of the resin F91w that take everything that’s known and loved about the F91w and delivers it in a slightly blingier, metal case.

Coming in silver stainless steel or gold-plated variations, this is a watch you’ve almost definitely seen on a barista’s wrist if you’ve visited any local cafes lately. Small, but mighty, these digital watches are a great way to add some vintage charm to any collection.

Although not a dress watch, this is certainly a watch that could be worn with dress attire, if you have enough style points to pull it off.

Overall, if you want a retro-looking digital watch that uniquely comes in metal, without breaking the bank, the Casio A1 series is for you.

Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator

Ahh, the legendary calculator watch, the former bane of all middle school math teachers. This is an instantly recognizable watch that will take you back to the ’80s.

With modern technology and phones in our pockets that can quickly calculate anything this watch can, wearing this watch is a statement. A statement that watches are more than just functional tools. A statement that their timekeeping abilities and additional functions are just one part of the picture.

A watch is about how it makes you feel, and the Casio Calculator Watch is a blast from the past that will make you feel like you’ve just entered a time portal.


The Casio W800H-1AV is a rather basic digital watch that has one main differentiator: its oversized and extremely legible digital display.

If you’re someone who loves the features of the other digital watches on this list: alarm, 12/24-hour clock, light, and 100m water resistance, but wants something a little larger, and easier to read at a glance, the W800H-1AV is for you.

At 37mm in diameter, and with a square case, this watch wears a bit larger than its smaller counterparts. This not only gives you a bit more ‘wrist presence’ but also makes it easier to read and use.

One downside of this watch is the strap and clasp have tendencies to break over time, and it may be difficult to find the perfect, resin replacement. Instead, you can throw it on a NATO strap, and go about your day, though that will set you out a couple of extra bucks, and may inflate the watch’s ~$20 price tag.

Overall, if you want a slightly larger, but still affordable, and feature-packed Casio, the W800H is a great choice. Be sure to pick up a NATO strap to pair with it!


Are other watches on this list not ‘retro’ enough for you? How about a flat, metal square that has a digital display on it? Retro enough for you now?

The A500WA is the precursor to the AE1200 ‘Royale’, and it’s clear to see the inspiration. The world time display exists in the upper corner, allowing you to shift through different regions on the world map to view its current time.

The square case is rather boxy, resulting in lots of room for the very legible and unobstructed dial. The brushed faux-jubilee bracelet keeps the watch from being boring, however, with its many, smaller links, contrasting perfectly with the single, larger chunk of metal that is the watch itself.

Databank DB360

The Casio DB is a ‘Databank’ lineup of watches that can, interestingly, be used to store addresses and phone numbers.

No longer is this a practical application, given most of us have phones in our pockets that are more than capable of doing the same, but that can be said for many watch complications in even luxury watches, nowadays.

Pushers on the bottom of the case stand proudly to move backward or forward through the databank’s memory and add a unique look that you won’t see in any other watch, period. It doesn’t get much more retro-looking than an antiquated instrument.

MQ24-7B, MQ24-7B2, & MQ24-1E

Every watch collection needs a simple time-only watch that is minimal, affordable, and just gets the job done. This is where the Casio MQ24 comes in; a basic watch that simply tells the time, and flies under the radar.

This is the watch you wear when you’re not trying to impress, and don’t want to draw attention to yourself, but still want a timepiece that works, without the ‘quirky’ digital display of some others on this list.

Casio’s quartz watches are accurate, and light, comfortable, and durable, thanks to their resin case.

Best of all, these can often be found for under $20, making it a great beater watch that you won’t need to baby too much.


The Casio A700W is a much sleeker-looking version of the popular A68. It’s half as thin and light as its predecessors, all while maintaining the sturdiness, and features of the original.

It comes from Casio’s “vintage collection” and in a case is much more geometric, with longer, sharper lines, all the way through the bracelet

This is one of the few digital watches you could easily wear with dress attire if you were stylish (and brave) enough to do so.

Unfortunately, the bracelet can be difficult to size properly and can be a bit of an arm-hair puller, if a perfect fit is not found.

Overall, if you want a basic digital watch that somehow manages to look retro, yet sleek and modern, all at the same time, the A700W is the watch for you.


Famously worn by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible, the Casio DW290 is an appropriate heavy-duty watch that’s almost as much of a G-Shock as actual G-Shocks. It was designed as a more affordable alternative to the G-Shock but packs just as many features.

The DW290 has a robust resin case that can survive just about anything you throw at it, including taking advantage of the watch’s 200m water resistance in swimming, or even diving.

The DW290 was notably worn by NASA aquanauts in mission NEEMO 17.

This is one of the easier Casio watches to replace the included strap, so long as you replace it with an appropriately sized 19mm thick strap. Any NATO strap would look and feel absolutely perfect on this watch.

Overall, if you want the feel, durability, and features of a G-Shock, without the G-Shock brand name… Or price tag, this is the watch for you, so long as you like its rather peculiar design.


The LA670 series is a lineup of small, retro digital watches with alarms. They have simple, digital displays, and stretchy, flexible wristbands that stretch and conform to the shape of your wrist.

Keep in mind that these are very small, with a case width of just 25mm, making them suitable only for those with small, dainty wrists. If that’s you, however, and you want a hit of nostalgia, and a watch to really take you back to the ’80s, the LA670 will do just that – and will stand out amongst the crowd of Apple Watches seen more frequently on a daily basis.

G-Shock Watches

G-Shock DW6900

The Casio DW6900 is an updated version of the G-Shock that helped start the G-Shock craze in the ’90s (DW6600). With a design that stood the test of time so well, John Mayer and Hodinkee used it for their collaboration.

It’s slightly larger, rounder, and thus, more modern than its 5600 square counterparts. Like most G-Shocks, its backlight is bright and makes reading the watch a breeze in any lighting conditions, has more functions than you’ll probably ever use, and, frankly, looks awesome on the wrist.

Sporty, modern, and nearly indestructible, the DW6900 is the perfect staple G-Shock for any watch collection.

G-Shock GA-100 XL

Casio GShock XL

With a 47mm case width, the G-Shock GA-100 XL lives up to its name of being a large G-Shock. This has the advantage of being able to display all of the watch’s many different functions legibly, each in its own section. Its larger case also has larger buttons than most G-Shocks, making it easier, and more comfortable to use.

Further, this watch not only has digital displays, as most G-Shocks do, but it also has an analog, three-handed display, like traditional watches. Best of both worlds, in a sense.

Some owners of this watch have complained that the backlit display isn’t the greatest, but I attribute that to the larger dial of this G-Shock requiring more light to illuminate it completely.

Overall, the G-Shock GA-100 XL is a beefed-up version of the classic G-Shock design for those with large wrists, or who simply like the look, and convenience, of a larger watch. Like all G-Shocks, it’s packed full of features, and quite nearly indestructible.

G-Shock Mudmaster

The Mudmaster is possibly one of the most feature-packed G-Shocks there is. Upper-end variants come equipped with ‘triple sensor mechanisms’ including a digital compass, barometric pressure/altitude, and temperature meters.

This G-Shock tracks time in both analog and digital formats, and its case is covered in a large resin shroud that protects the watch from bumps, scratches, and drops, but adds quite a bit of bulk.

At over 56mm in diameter, the Mudmaster is a large watch that will likely only fit large wrists or those who don’t mind an oversized watch in general. Certainly, it fits well on those with muscular wrists, which is likely partially why it’s a favorite of podcaster Joe Rogan.

Overall, the G-Shock Mudmaster is one of the most full-featured G-Shocks out there. If its size isn’t a deterrent for you, and you’ll find the additional features useful, the Mudmaster may be the watch for you. If you just want a basic digital watch, however, most other G-Shocks will be more cost-effective, and will likely suit your needs just as well.

Everyday Watches


The Casio Edifice lineup is a set of simple and approachable, yet slightly refined, everyday watches. This is the watch to get if you want one watch for everything life throws at you, though tougher G-Shocks are more ideal if you’re really hard on your watches.

The Edifice lineup ranges from simpler, sportier models, such as the EFR-S108D-1AVUEF, my personal favorite for its versatility, though its sapphire crystal and 100-meter water resistance are nice perks. Its 37mm diameter makes it extremely wearable and is thin enough to fit under a shirt sleeve.

Other Edifice models, like the EF527D-1AV, are pilot-inspired, and a bit more technical-looking. With that comes additional features, such as a chronograph function, and a slide-rule rotating bezel. All of that complication, however, results in a bulkier design, with a 45.5mm case that may be a bit too large for some.

Overall, if you’re looking for a more traditional-looking analog watch that can serve as an everyday watch, look no further than the Casio Edifice lineup.


The Casio Oceanus is one of the most premium Casios there is. With its Bluetooth Tough Solar Multiband 6 and Auto Calendar features that automatically set the time for you, the Oceanus is a completely hands-off experience, using a technology that is quite underutilized.

Visually, the Oceanus is one of the most refined-looking Casios, both from a design and execution standpoint. Its sharp lines and clean design language result in a watch that manages to be sporty and somewhat dressy, the perfect one-watch collection, some might say. This is a watch that undoubtedly looks much more expensive than it is.

All of these features come at a cost, however, as the Oceanus lineup is one of Casio’s most expensive, by far. Arguably, it’s one of the worst value propositions on this list, but that’s more because Casio, as a brand, tends to be value-packed, even in their extremely affordable watches.

Another downside is its included bracelet which is said to be a bit lightweight and jangly. This could easily be overlooked in watches that cost a few hundred dollars but approaching the $500+ mark, we must look at watches like the Oceanus with much more scrutiny.

Overall, the Casio Oceanus is a premium watch with the most refined look, and features, and is the most costly, out of all of the others on this list. It gets beaten out by other watches when it comes to value, but none of them capture the pseudo-luxury feeling the Oceanus delivers.


Let’s take a break from the retro digital watches and instead, take a look at this military-inspired dive watch.

The EAW-MRW-200H combines a military field watch-style dial with a dive watch-style case and bezel insert. The hour markers on the dial are simple, bold, and legible, making it extremely easy to read the time, even when underwater.

Thanks to this watch’s 100-meter water resistance rating, you can swim in this watch, without issue. Although this wouldn’t be my first choice for serious divers who are timing oxygen left in a dive tank, the dive bezel can be rotated to time anything up to 1 hour, making this an incredibly functional watch as well.

Overall, if you just want a legible, lightweight, and water-resistant Casio watch you can swim in, the EAW-MRW-200H may just be the perfect pick for you.


The LRW-200H is marketed by Casio as a women’s watch, I suppose for its variety of colorful options and relatively small, ~34mm case width. Anybody can wear any watch on this list that they like, but the LRW-200H makes an excellent watch for kids, or those just looking for a fun watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The LRW-200 is one of the most fun and playful watches on this entire list. Combined with its 100 meters of water resistance, this makes it an excellent summer watch that you can take in the pool or ocean, without worrying about water damage, or scratches, and its fun and bright colors are summer-ready.

Outdoor Watches

Pro Trek

The Casio Pro Trek is the perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure and is a favorite of podcaster Joe Rogan.

Be it camping, backpacking, or even just trekking through the woods, with features like an onboard digital compass, and altimeter/barometer that allows you to easily track your elevation, the Pro Trek is much more than just a watch that tells the time. Some higher-end Pro Trek models even feature a GPS, making navigation extremely straightforward.

Pro-Treks are feature-packed outdoor watches and are built to withstand the great outdoors, making them quite durable. On the other hand, they’re not quite as indestructible as G-Shocks, so that may be a factor if you’re someone who pushes their watches to their limits. Think something with a lot of manual labor, brushes, and scratches, against metal. For most people, however, the Pro Trek will be more than sufficient when it comes to durability.

Pro Trek models pack similar features compared to G-Shocks and tend to be much more affordable, especially in the sub $200 price range.

Overall, if you’re someone who loves spending time outside, the Pro Trek will make your adventures that much more enjoyable. It’s rugged and tough enough to survive whatever the outdoors may bring while providing a slew of helpful functions that aren’t present in watches at a comparable price point.


What’s the Best Casio Watch for the Money?

The F91 is not just one of the best Casio watches for the money, but one of the best watches from any brand, period.

Its vintage charm and variety of digital features make it a staple of many watch collections.

At under $20, it’s so cheap, that you’re missing out if you don’t have one.

Are Casio watches good?

Yes, Casio watches are great watches that are often packed with features like alarms, stopwatches, world-time, and even LED lights to read them in the dark. They are often affordable and offer some of the most features out of any watch brand, dollar-for-dollar.

Of course, many Casio watches have a particularly retro look which may be appealing to some, but not to others, and is part of the overall charm.

On the higher end, their G-Shock lineup carries many, if not all, of these features and more, packing them into a nearly indestructible case, making them a favorite for anyone who puts their watch to the test, be it during a daily workout, physical labor, or swimming (as long as it has 100m water resistance or more).


Casio watches are some of the best values on the market, packing many functions into their digital watches that even luxury watch brands often can’t compete with their mechanical counterparts.

Many digital Casios like the legendary F91W have been unchanged since its release decades ago, and have a very appealing retro look, as a result. More modern Casios, like the G-Shock ‘CasiOAK’ and Oceanus lineup exist, combining modern flair and functionality with awesome Casio features.

Overall, few watch brands are as popular, reputable, feature-packed, or affordable as Casio, and luckily, there are many great Casio watches to choose from.

If you just want a simple Casio to get started, and want a hint of nostalgia, the F91W is so affordable, that it’s almost a no-brainer. But if you want something a bit tougher, the G-Shock lineup is a great choice. And something a bit more refined is what you’re after, the Oceanus lineup looks much more expensive than it really is.

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