6 Of The Best Timex Watches On A Budget

A friend was recently asking me what’s the best first watch to add to his collection. He wasn’t even sure if he liked wearing a watch, so the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on an automatic watch he might never wear wasn’t an appealing choice.

I had to think to myself; which watch brand sells the most affordable, yet still well-built, and good looking watches that would pair well in a variety of situations, matched with a variety of outfits.

It didn’t take long before the thought hit me: Timex.

To save you the trouble of scrolling, the best Timex on a budget in my opinion is the Timex Weekender Chronograph.

It’s simple and minimalistic, yet interesting enough to not be boring. It even has a chronograph function that works as a stopwatch – helpful for timing everyday activities such as cooking, working out, or time spen reading Chronometer Check blog posts.

With that said, there is a wide variety of Timex watches with various designs with different styles. Most of them come with their signature “indiglo” feature, which lights up the entire watch at the press of a button.

Best of all, they’re all very affordable, and great watches to pick up on a budget. 

So, what are some of my other favorite Timex watches? In this article, we’ll be going over my top 6.

Timex Weekender Chronograph

My absolute favorite Timex watch on a budget is the Timex Weekender Chronograph. 

The design is simple and classic. You can wear this watch every day, with any outfit, and it will never look out of place. 

Coming in at 40mm in diameter, the Timex Weekender Chronograph is suitable for any and all wrist sizes. In fact, 40mm is my absolute sweet spot, as it’s usually never too big, nor small, on my 7″ wrists. 

The watch has a very minimalist design with simple numerals for the hour markings and its chronograph feature is as functional as it is attractive. 

My Timex Weekender Chronograph on a Linen White Canvas strap from Barton Bands for a nautical look.

A chronograph is essentially a stopwatch, which you can use to time anything in up to 30-minute increments. I use a chronograph all the time for day-to-day activities such as timing food when I cook, or for timing workouts.

The Weekender also has a date window complication which tells you which day of the month it is. Helpful if you’re a forgetful one, like me. 

The Timex Weekender Chrono also comes available in a wide variety of interchangeable watch bands. You can always purchase an additional watch band down the line, and easily swap it out with a cheap spring bar tool and about 2 minutes of your time.

Changing the watch strap can give a completely new look and feel to your watch without spending too much.

Want a great looking watch with a bit of added functionality? Timex Weekender Chronograph is the perfect balance of simple and interesting without being overly complicated.

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Timex Expedition

The Timex Expedition is Timex’s slightly more “outdoorsy” field watch model.

Its watch dial is very bold and legible, perfect for telling the time at a distance and quickly.

It has both twelve and twenty-four hour (military time) intervals on the dial, depending on your preference.

It also has a water resistance of 50m. Water-resistance is the depth rating at which a watch can safely be submerged in water. At 50m, the Timex Expedition is perfectly safe for getting wet in the rain or washing your hands without worry.

Believe it or not, this is a concern on some other watches that lack any sort of water resistance rating.

My Timex Expedition just chilling out… On a leaf?

A very sturdy and durable stainless steel case design makes the Timex Expedition rugged and tough. It’s a perfect watch for the outdoors and adventure, and you won’t have to baby it too much, nor fear it might get too damaged.

The lugs at the end of the watch curve slightly to conform to the curvature of your wrist for added comfort. This is a fine detail that even watches that cost hundreds of dollars more sometimes overlook. 

The Expedition may be affordable – but it’s certainly not built cheap. If you want a rugged and tough watch that’s built for the elements, the Timex Expedition is the ultimate outdoors watch on a budget for you.

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Timex Weekender

if you just want something plain and simple that won’t draw too much attention, the Timex Weekender is the watch for you. 

A simpler variation of the Timex Weekender Chronograph we spoke about earlier, the Timex Weekender delivers all of the same amazing features like indiglo technology, a date wheel that tells you which day of the month it is, and a handsomely classic design that will never go out of style.

Seriously, this watch is as versatile as it comes. Wear it with a t-shirt and jeans, or a suit and tie, and the watch will not look out of place, assuming you pair it with the right strap.

Timex Weekender works on just about any type of strap you can think of! Rocking it on a stock navy blue strap.

Speaking of which, the Timex Weekender also comes on a wide variety of different watch straps and bands so you can really mix and match to fit your personality and style.

Pair the Weekender with a simple NATO strap for a lightweight and comfortable water resistant watch strap, perfect for everyday wear. Meanwhile, throw the Weekender on a leather band, and you have the perfect watch for dressy occasions, or workdays at the office.

The Timex Weekender is a simple watch that you can throw on no matter what you’re wearing, and it will always look good. It’s relatively basic, and not overly complicated in its function, nor design, so those looking for a cleaner aesthetic will likely gravitate toward the Weekender.

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Timex Easy Reader

When it comes to watches that are extremely simple and legible, the Timex Easy Reader is the first that comes to mind.

The bare-minimalist aesthetic of the Easy Reader has become extremely popular through the likes of popular internet marketed fashion brands. The Timex Easy Reader makes an excellent alternative to these brands, as Timex is a reliable and reputable American brand that has been around dating back to 1854, so you know what kind of quality you can expect.

The Timex Easy reader is also one of the most popular watches in the world, according to Timex, and I can certainly see why. Not everybody is looking for a fancy watch with tons of cool complications. Some people just want a watch that tells the time and looks good doing it. The Timex Easy Reader in a nutshell. 

“The world’s most popular watch. First released in 1977, our original Timex Easy reader is our most enduring watch, with millions in circulation.


Want a watch that is simple, clean, and easily legible? The Timex Easy Reader is a no nonsense watch that simply tells the time with no extra fluff, and looks great while doing so.

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Timex Ironman

If you’re looking for a watch for athletic activities such as cycling, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, or just about any other physical activity you can think of, you might prefer a digital watch with a bit more functionality than your traditional time-only watch. 

With its wide variety of features and nearly indestructable bulletproof design (don’t quote me on that one) the Timex Ironman is a digital watch with a ton of additional functionality and durability, to withstand all of the paces you might put it through.

Featuring a chronograph that measures time up to 100 hours, the ability to track multiple time zones at once, and 100 meters of water resistance that will allow you to swim or shower wearing this watch without a problem. The Ironman makes a great beater/everyday watch when you want to keep your nicer watches from getting dinged up.

The watch was famously worn by Bill Clinton during his presidency in 1993. Of course, the Timex Ironman has since been updated and improved since those earlier models, so the watch has even more to offer than it did back then.

If you’re more the athletic type or often find yourself pushing your watches to their limits, a durable digital watch like the Timex Ironman will not only allow you all of the functionality you need to enjoy any adventure life throws at you, it also has the durability to withstand it, and survive to tell the tale.

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Timex Q

While a bit pricier than the other models on this list, the Timex Q is a personal favorite that I just had to include.

The Timex Q is a vintage-inspired dive style watch based on a model Timex released in 1979.

With a creamy faux patina on the hour markers and a domed crystal that add to the vintage aged look of the watch, it’s a real head-turner. 

It also has a two-tone “pepsi” (blue/red) GMT bezel insert. You can use this GMT bezel to track a second time zone. 

While it’s not a true dive watch, and I wouldn’t recommend swimming in it, it definitely nails the look.

The Timex Q is a Timex that beginners and even watch enthusiasts can enjoy together as one’s only watch, or part of an entire collection. 

The Timex Q looks much more expensive than it is, and won’t look out of place even sitting in a watch box next to luxury watches. 

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What is Timex?

Timex is a classic American watch brand founded in 1854. 

In fact, it’s likely you’ve come across their watches in… Just about every department store in the country.

Timex watches are amazingly durable, have classic designs that will never go out of style, and they can be mixed or matched with a variety of watch bands to change the look and feel of your watch. 

I often recommend them as the best beginner’s watch for someone who wants to try out wearing a watch for a bit, without breaking the bank, and is easy to maintain.

Final Verdict

Timex watches are some of the best watches for anybody looking for there first watch, or even collectors on a budget. 

With a wide variety of watches and styles built with classic designs and longevity in mind, there is a Timex for almost anyone.

The Timex Weekender and Weekender Chronograph are great for those who want a great looking watch with a touch of added functionality. 

The Expedition is a great watch for those who love the outdoors, hiking, and adventures. 

The Timex Easy Reader is great for someone who just wants the most minimalistic watch that is highly legible and just gets the job done. 

The Ironman is great for the athletic types who need a watch for biking, swimming, or any other physical activity. With its wide variety of digital functions, and being waterproof up to 100m, it’s a very versatile piece for physical activity.

Finally, the Timex Q is a slightly pricier vintage-inspired wildcard that will add a bit of spice to any collection – even for those who have been collecting for years. 

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these choices, and I’d love to hear which Timex you’ve owned, or plan on picking up, in the comments below.

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  1. The only that I don’t like in Timex is the mineral glass. Although they build good quality watches buy one of my expansion easy reader got scratches within 3 months without doing any boxing with it.


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